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Meet Elaine K. Miller

Speaker, writer, educator

Elaine has intrigued and delighted a variety of audiences with her humorous and illuminating analysis of contemporary culture. She is an academic drawn to editorial cartoons as artistic and cultural expression, and her presentations and workshops draw from both this passionate involvement and her academic skills.

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press. Reprinted with permission


Elaine Miller has given numerous presentations on political cartoons to organizations, community groups and both graduate and undergraduate university students. Examples are:

Gender Imagery in Political Cartoons
International Perspectives on Global Issues
Editorial Cartoons on Elections
Political Cartoons as Social Critique

About EKMILLER Publications and Media

Elaine Miller, Ph.D., has studied and analyzed editorial cartoons over several decades and her presentations and workshops draw from both this passionate involvement and her academic skills. She’s an expert at identifying the wealth of information and sometimes surprising cultural implications intrinsic in each cartoon. She has produced numerous videos, collaborated with a number of book authors and provided various educational presentations.

In her career as a Women’s Studies and Modern Languages professor, Miller has found editorial cartoons to be an excellent resource for learning, offering rich multi-dimensional opportunities for discussion and interpretation. 

TRAILBLAZER: The Editorial Cartoons of Etta Hulme

An engaging and affectionate look at the work of editorial cartoonist Etta Hulme (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram), one of the very few women in the field. Etta reflects with wisdom and humor on her experiences in the male-dominated profession of cartooning. This video produced by Elaine K Miller is an in-depth perspective on how one woman cartoonist approaches her work. Hulme offers incisive, as well as humorous, reflections on her experience with reader reactions to her cartoons.


RUNNING MATE: Gender and Politics in the Editorial Cartoons

Geraldine Ferraro’s 1984 Vice Presidential candidacy provided editorial cartoonists access to a rich and previously untapped lode of material. RUNNING MATE examines their portrayals of the first woman ever to appear on a major party Presidential ticket. Drawn from a study of 172 cartoons in 12 U.S. newspapers, RUNNING MATE reveals the gender stereotypes that hounded the Mondale/Ferraro ticket from the moment she was chosen.

DRAWING CONCLUSIONS: Editorial Cartoonists Consider Hillary Rodham Clinton

Drawing Conclusions highlights the work of Jeff MacNelly, Mike Peters, Paul Szep, and Ann Telnaes on their commentary of the  portrayals of Hillary Rodham Clinton, a First Lady who tapped a deep reservoir of gender-based sentiments on the part of the U.S. public. They also reflect on why there are so few women in the editorial cartooning profession, and what that might mean both for the profession and for the reading public.

On the Media WNYC – Drawing within the lines

Audio excerpt from interview regarding media.

Political Cartoons: Artful Commentary

In The Art of Social Critique: Painting Mirrors of Social Life, ed. Shawn C. Bingham. Lexington Books, 2012. Chapter 9, pp. 205-219.

Sarah Palin in the '08 Campaign: Political Cartoon Portrayals

In a New Age: Readings & Studies on Race, Gender and Class Using the Sociological Imagination, ed. Kijana Crawford. Kendall Hunt Publ. Co., 2009. pp. 43-51.


Engendering Hillary: Editorial Cartoon Frame-ups

In Gender and Belief Systems. Proceedings of the Fourth Berkeley Women and Language Conference, April 19-21, 1996. Eds. Natasha Warner, et. al. Pp. 519-532.


Politics and Gender: Geraldine Ferraro in the Editorial Cartoons

In Feminist Theory and the Study of Folklore, Eds. Susan Hollis, Linda Pershing, and M. Jane Young. University of Illinois Press, 1993.


Toons' Reveal that Race, Gender Affect Presidential Preferences

“Speak Out” essay in the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle 1/31/07.

Workshop and Presentation Testimonials

It was indeed a total joy to have you as our October Luncheon – Lecture presenter. The program was fascinating. Everyone loved you! Thank you for sharing a vast knowledge with us!!

Anne Williamson Callanan

Director of Programs and Visitor Services, Susan B. Anthony House, Rochester, New York

You really wowed them at Chautauqua! Your talk and video presentation on Hillary Clinton in Editorial Cartoons … was amazing and wonderful.

Meredith Rousseau

Chautauqua Women’s Club

What a wonderful talk you gave — I was thoroughly intrigued! Our Norman Rockwell audience had an extraordinary time!

Laurie Norton Moffatt

Director, Norman Rockwell Museum; Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Thank you for your wonderful presentation at Mornings with the Professors. The group was fascinated – they were still commenting the next week.

Linda Sweeting

College Development Department, SUNY Brockport

I had such an extraordinary time. I see now that I had underestimated the power of the cartoon as a means of delivering one’s message.


Dr. Philip Gerber,

Professor of Philosophy, SUNY Brockport

Thanks so much for the thought-provoking and entertaining presentation. I’m sure you could tell from the comments and size of the audience that you were an outstanding part of our Pfaudler Series.

Deanna Shifton

Atheneum, Rochester Institute of Technology


Cartoonist Ann Telnaes satirizes the dictator’s need to feel powerful.

Reprinted with permission



Cartoonist Clay Bennett comments on race relations.


Cartoonist Keith Knight “demystifies” the selection of a powerful figure.


Reprinted with permission

Cartoonist Ann Telnaes satirizes the dictator’s need to feel powerful.
Reprinted with permission

Clay Bennett comments on race relations.
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Reprinted with permission

Cartoonist Keith Knight “demystifies” the selection of a powerful figure.
Reprinted with permission

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